Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Quest for God

"This quest for G-d; although native in all humans, tends to become coarsened and stultified as one grows older. Because of constant contact with material things and with the ways of the nations ..., men become busy and satisfied with substitutes: money, pleasure, and glory, and thus go lost in the darkness. But those whose urge toward God has not been stifled, "the generation of those that seek Him" (Psalms 24:6), are here told what to do. To find G-d, they must trace their footsteps to discover from whence they came. What does this mean?

It means that we must study the lives and the deeds of those from whom we are derived. We must go back to the ways of the great who went before us, as related in the Scriptures and in the Talmud and in our traditions. The wealth of details that are related about our Tsaddikim (the righteous) is recorded for the purpose that we study them and learn how to come close to Hashem (God)."

Rabbi Avigdor Miller, Awake my Glory, p. 240.