Thursday, March 21, 2013

Story About Empathy

A couple had a sick child. The father went to the great Tzaddick (righteous person) Rebbe Yitzchok Verka for a blessing of health.

The Rebbe told the father there was nothing he could do. The father said he had heard that the Rebbe could work miracles. The Rebbe responded that the matter was in G-d’s hands and he could do nothing. The father boarded his wagon and left feeling dejected.

Suddenly, the Rebbe came running up behind him and exclaimed “I am sorry, I am sorry. I must apologize to you.”

“But I understand,” said the father. “The matter is in God’s hands.”

“Yes,” said the Rebbe. “But I must apologize for when I heard of your situation, I didn’t cry with you.”

The Rebbe hugged the man and they cried together.

When the man returned to his home, he found that the child had recovered.

The loneliness of life’s struggles can be as painful as the struggles themselves. A good friend rarely will solve one’s problems. But the good friend’s attentiveness and concern can ease one’s pain, thus freeing the mind to find solutions or strengthening the heart to carry on. Sometimes, the support of a friend will prompt Heaven to open the spiritual gates of healing and blessing.

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