Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks discusses belief with four atheists

This is quite bold and fascinating.

from YouTube


  1. I agree that he is very bold to have done such interviews. I think he does an excellent job of answering the questions of the various atheists "while standing on one foot." Judaism is so deep and nuanced, that a 5 minute discussion barely scratches the surface but the hope is that people will now go deeper.

  2. I think the four atheists present the four main arguments nonbelievers make against religion. I find the first two the hardest to answer in brief. 1. Why does G-d care about all the little details. and 2. Why can't I just pick and choose the pieces of religion that speak to me. The third atheist claims science eliminates the need for religion and religious explanations of life. In my estimation, this is a foolish argument - he has to be blind not to see that we are more than just electrical impulses.

  3. I guess I'd attempt an answer to 1 and 2 but saying for 1) if the details are good for us then God will care about the details. The whole thing is for our benefit. and 2) I guess we can't pick and choose for the same reason. It's all good for us whether we know it or not. I remember in college objecting to the requirement (and the U of Michigan) that all students study a foreign language for 2 years. All these years later I see how important that was and wish I took it more seriously. Same thing with religion.